Yamaha Rhino Rear CV Boot

11 Mar

In order to change the outer CV boot on a Yamaha Rhino, the axle will need to be removed.


Note that the that the axle nut is a one and a quarter inch nut. In order to get to the CV boot you will need to take the bolt off the swing arm in the back.




You will then need to punch the axle out in order to remove the boot. After removing the old boot, you will need to take the outer joint off.Image

After removing the old boot, you will need to take the outer joint off. You can use a brass punch to tap it until it pops off.


The boot can be replaced using an after market kit which contains the boot, two clips, and a container of grease. It is important to note that the clip on the shaft will need to be compressed in order for the cv joints to go in.


A tie wrap can be used to compress the clip enough to allow the joint to slide over the shaft. Once this is done, the tie wrap can then be cut off using a pair of pliers. Once the joint is secured solidly in place, apply some of the grease to the joint and the rest of the grease to the inside of the boot in order to allow the joint to rotate.


This action also helps seal the joints. When replacing the clips onto the boot, it is advisable to move the boot to an area of the shaft that allows for easier compression of the boot.


After the clips are replaced, you can then move the boot back into the area where it actually needs to be crimped. You will first need to crimp the boot using the larger crimp followed by the smaller one which is a little more difficult to handle. You can use a pair of slide cutters or a plumbers crimper to accomplish this task.


It is important that you are careful not to over tighten the crimps to the point that the rubber in the boot is damaged.


Once you are done crimping, the joint can be reassembled and reattached to the vehicle. Prior to replacing the axle, it is a good idea to apply  some lithium grease around the area were the seal will sit.


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